A brief history of Street Fishing

What is Street Fishing?

It is fishing for predator fish in an urban setting.

Where did it start?

Street Fishing started on the banks of the Seine river in Paris which happened to be an excellent habitat for predator fishing.

Why it became an instant hit?

It gave principally youngsters who didn’t have any transport facility to travel to lakes or rivers outside Paris the chance to fish the ” the city of love” among thousands of tourists. Catching big zander, perch and even 2 meter + catfish are not an exception! So can you imagine the surprise of the tourists? No wonder then that Street Fishing was born in the magical city of Paris.

Where is now Street Fishing trending?

Mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and France but events can more and more be seen in most European countries.

What’s next for World Street Fishing?

Started in 2014 as a sub-event of the World Predator Classic, the event is now becoming its own with a dedicated venue, date, and branding as the WORLD STREET FISHING. It aims to offer through a quickly expanding qualifier structure a truly international event for all to enjoy.

So you can either enter it or watch it, either way, it will be a great occasion An event NOT TO BE MISSED

WSF Metz 1
WSF Metz 3
WSF Metz 2

Metz  has a vast  spectacular area to fish  right in the heart of the city and very importantly has a lot of fish to catch