Shoreline cleanup information

Post your cleanup like a champion

Any shore is good: lake, river, pond (if no water is available then any clean-up counts).

The more the merrier. Take friends and family along and make it an excellent time together. Remember to get approval from those that you are doing the clean-up with as you need to post pictures on Social Media.

To validate your clean up you will be asked to post 5 pictures as follow:
On any of the following social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

A unique post per person is required – see options on how to post below

It is always nice if you could add Spirit OF Angling and Friends OF Metz logos along with the following hashtags #23WSFFriendsOFMetz #23WSFWorldStreeFishing – this will also help us verify your posts. Links to logos are available on the form

How to deal with Private or lack of social media account
If  your account is set up to Private on Facebook you can update your  settings so that they are public

Failing that you can ask a friend, family member or a company to host it for you. They will be pleased to do so as it will create good positive engagement.

The same social media account can hold up to four posts for as long as the name of one person is mentioned on the post and that person is visible on at least one of the pictures.

Anglers from last year’s event have perfectly illustrated how clean-up can be done.

Once we have been able to verify your Shore clean-up your name will be tagged with this image in front of your name with a link to your post for all to see. Make sure to re-visit your post often and read all the great messages.

As you know each competitor in an Angling Spirit event must now as part of their condition of entry complete a shoreline clean-up. If your clean-up operation can’t be verified by our team before the 29th of May you will be asked to make a £20 contribution towards a future clean-up operation during onsite registration. Your name will then appear as a patron of the operation your funds will be associated with.