WSF Rules

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The World Street Fishing event is:

  • A strict no-kill catch & release event with fish welfare being of prime importance at all time
  • Run as a Catch Photo Release format
  • Fishing must be carried out respecting the spirit and traditions of an international event.
  • The organisers, Angling Spirit Ltd, will have absolute control and discretion over the competition, rules and terms and conditions.
  • The organisers reserve the right to modify all or part of the rules and T&C at any time.
  • World Street Fishing rules abide by and include all relevant local rules and have been reviewed and authorised by appropriate local authorities.
  • All competitors understand that they have to provide organisers with all required documents & insurance as a condition to their entry in the event.
  • All competitors will be required to sign a registration form to confirm acceptance of the full and final event rules and terms & conditions.
  • All competitors to sign event disclaimer.
  • Competition rules also include terms & conditions.  All offences will be reported to the organisers and dealt with in accordance with their seriousness and may lead to disqualification.
  • Organisers will use competitors’ image at their sole discretion on any support material they deem appropriate at any the time from acceptance of entry in the event.
  • English is the official language of the World Predator Classic.
  • The official currency of the World Street Fishing is the Euro (€).
  • Official time format is 24 hours and all times mentioned are local times.
  • Official measurement is centimeters (cm).
  • World Street Fishing (WSF) rules/term & conditions are the property of Angling Spirit Ltd. They cannot be used or copied even partially without getting written consent and crediting by Angling Spirit.

A1- Competition must take place only on banks highlighted in GREEN on the map printed on the scorecard.

A2- Only fish caught on an artificial lure and by the mouth will count. Any fish caught by the gills or other part of body will be not count.

A3- Anglers must strictly stay on public access banks. It is not allowed to fish in waders, from boats even moored and or any kind of private properties.

A4- Anglers are not allowed to use any kind of transport to include car, bike, rollers, skateboard etc nor are they allowed to get a lift/ride by a 3rd party.

A5- Referees have the right to stop an angler from competing if the angler is found unfit due to drugs or drinking.

A6- Any acts of deliberate pollution (ie rubbish etc) of the water or land carries a 3-year ban in any Angling Spirit WSF event unless fine set by local authorities is settled.

A7- Head Street Fishing Referee to be called in the event of a dispute

B-DOs (what you must do)

B1- Paired competitors must remain together at all times – see section I for full information

B2- Fishing with artificial lures only.

B3- Angler can carry two (2) rods but only one (1) can be used at a time.

B4- Only one (1) artificial lure is allowed per rod. NO DOUBLE drop shot or drop shot + jighead allowed.

B5- Respect another fellow competitors’ water. Call a referee in case of a dispute.

B6- Keep copies of all your catch as these can be asked by Results Officials for better reading if necessary

C- DONT’S (what you can’t do)

C1- THERE IS NO FISHING IN THE COMPETITION ARENA FOR 5 Days prior to the event from midnight Sunday 6th June
Anglers found fishing in the competition Arena in the days leading to the event will be checked by local authorities. If they are registered on the Official list, they will then lose their right to compete on day 1

Anglers are free to fish any banks which are not marked as part of the Arena. Arena map will be posted online and via clear signage on-site.

C2- Flyfishing is not allowed

C3- Any kind of baiting is forbidden

C4- Not allowed to fish during the official break if any are planned


D1- Fish always to be measured in presence of angler with whom he has been paired with (see section I regarding pairing) or by an Official Referee

D2- If necessary, anglers can request assistance by sending an SMS to SF HQ with Zone reference – number and zones reference provided on score cards.

D3- Fish to be unhooked on an unhooking mat

D4- To validate the catch two (2) pictures are required:

  • Picture 1 on the Official Ruler showing clearly the competitor’s unique ID card along with the witness card of the angler he has been paired with.
  • Picture 2 with the angler holding the fish and with his unique ID card clearly visible.

On both pictures, we need to see the fish LEFT FLANK

D5- Any fish dropped on the ground void any points allowance.

D6- Fish to be released with great care. Any fish not alive when released void any points allowance.


E1- World Street Fishing Champion 2019 will be the one angler with the greatest amount of cm recorded over the combined 2 sessions.

E2- In case of a tie and in that order, the winner will be:

  • The angler with the greatest length in session 1,
  • The angler with the greatest length in session 2,
  • The angler with the greatest length on their first pike, second pike until the 5th then going on to Zander & Perch categories in that order.

E3- Only fish caught on an artificial lure and by the mouth will count. Any fish caught by the gills or any other part of the body will not count.

E4- Every fish if listed below will be awarded points as follow:
– Only fish of or above the legal size: 1 cm = 1 point.
– Only full centimeters will be recorded. If the fish over the length marker the next full centimeter number will be recorded.
– Once fish quota per species is reached 1 cm for any fish above minimal length is then awarded.

Example: 7 zander of 50 cm. Total points (50*5) + (2*1) = 252 cm

E5- Anglers must have placed their completed Catch Card in the box before the end of the session is sounded.

– Anglers will then receive a 5cm deduction per minute up to a maximum of 15 minutes thereafter the card will be void.

E6- Only pictures submitted as follow will be allowed:
– Recorded via Angling Spirit App from a mobile phone
– Sent via Personal Message to World Street Fishing Official Facebook Page
– Given to Result Desk at the time the scorecard is being handed – must be completed prior to sound signal marking the end of the competition.

E7- Any picture of fish with any of the following points will void the capture:
– Bloodstained, fish lips not touching the black line, hand on top of fish, dead fish, fish not showing left flank, angler & witness ID card not complete or clearly visible.
– Poor exposure will void the entry with no possible re-submission unless requested by Result Desk.

E8- Minimum competition legal size & maximum number of catches allowed per species

Minimum Length/ Maximum Number/
Pike / Brochet/Hecht 50 cm 5
Zander/ Sandre/Zander 35 cm 5
Perch/ Perche 20 cm 5
Chubs/ Chevesne 25 cm 5
Asp / Aspe 40 cm 5


F1- Anglers must have placed their completed Catch Card in the box before the end of the session is sounded.

F2- Anglers will then receive a 5cm deduction per minute up to a maximum of 15 minutes thereafter the card will be void.

F3- Full Catch List of Day 1 will be published online and in print at event HQ.

F4- If necessary, SF Result Desk will ask via an SMS to angler’s phone as found on Registration Form to come to SF Result Desk at HQ between 08:30 am & 09:45 am.  Anglers have then until Saturday 10 am to provide SF Result Desk with the required information.

  • Any information provided after the start of session 2 will see the fish queried being void.
  • If an angler raises a query, he needs to allow sufficient time to ensure it will be resolved by the start of session 2.
  • At organisers’ discretion, un-resolved issues could result in the fish queried being void or being awarded more time.

F5- Session 2 Catch List will be published online and at Event HQ. Anglers have then until 16:30 pm to check and come forward if they have any queries or have been asked to come by SF Result Desk.


  1. Maximum of 2 rods per competitor.
  2. Landing net
  3. Unhooking mat
  4. Good pliers are required to unhook. Pliers can be checked by Officials at any time including at registration.
  5. Smartphone with the camera.
  6. Official measuring tape provided during registration (in cm)
  7. Pen

H1- Present Photo ID – (ie: passport – driving license)

H2- Angler to sign on-site their pre-filled on-line Registration Form/disclaimer in front of an Event Official

H3- Any monies due to be paid exclusively on desk #4 before proceeding to one of the three official registration desks

H4- Welcome bag to be given at registration and will only be handed to participating anglers present on-site.


I1- All single competitors will be paired randomly with another single angler and or Team but will compete only for himself.

I2- A single participant’s scorecard is held by the other competitor he has been paired with. 

I3- Team comprises of two individual competitors who have entered the Team category.

I4- Each team will be paired randomly with another team which will act as their markers for the full duration of the event.

I5- Each member of a Team fish for an individual score and a chance to become champion of the World Street Fishing. Therefore, each angler has a scorecard which must be held and completed by an angler from his opposite paired team.

NEW 2019
I6- All paired Team anglers can now split as long as they fish with their paired opponents. Anglers can alternate the pairing as required over the competition.

Example: Team A Angler 1 card held by Team B Angler 1 or 2
                   Team A Angler 2 card held by Team B Angler 1 or 2 

I6- The scores of the two individual members of a Team make the total Team score.
Example Team A Angler 1 score + Angler 2 score = Team A total score

The Team which has the most points is the winning team.

I7- Angler’s pairing will be done a few days ahead of the competition and results will be published online.

I8- Paired competitors must remain together at all times.

I9- If anglers walk off their allocated pairing, opposite anglers must inform the organisers immediately who will in turn make appropriate arrangements.

I10- All anglers walking off their pairing understand they break a fundamental rule of the event and therefore will invalidate any of their catches.

I11- At the start of session 2, if some anglers can’t find their initial paired anglers, they must immediately go to HQ desk.

I12- Registration into World Street Fishing 2019 will stop on Saturday the 30th  May and or when 250 anglers are being registered whichever comes first.

I13- Any changes made after the 30th  May will only be addressed on-site during registration. Anglers to present themselves to desk #4.

I14- Important reminder – All participating anglers MUST fill an online registration/disclaimer form prior to presenting themselves on-site for registration with an official picture ID document