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WSF Event Details

For the 9th edition of the World Street Fishing competition, we are excited to return to Metz, France. The city has proven to be a great host for our event in the past, with successful competitions held in 2019 and 2021. We look forward to another successful event in Metz where we will see everybody again.

World Street Fishing Registration 2023

New for 2023


As part of our commitment to preserving the natural beauty and health of our waterways, all anglers are required to take part in a Spirit of Angling Sustainability Shoreline Clean-Up Operation.
The objective of this initiative is to ensure that the shorelines and waterways are cleaned of any litter and debris that may have accumulated over time. This will not only help to preserve the environment but also create a cleaner and more enjoyable fishing experience for everyone.
We believe that this new initiative will help to further our goal of promoting sustainable fishing practices and preserving the natural beauty of our waterways. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
Shoreline Cleanup Details

Event Details

  • A strict no-kill catch & release event with fish welfare being of prime importance at all time
  • Run as a Catch Photo Release format
  • Run over two-days
  • Open to 150 participants
  • All anglers must be 18 on the first day of registration
  • 2-day event
  • Fantastic welcome bags
  • Quality prize table from sponsors and partners
  • Great atmosphere
  • No fishing allowed in the competition arena on the day prior to the start – see rules
  • A minimum of 20 km of great fishable bank space including the City Centre, Rivers, Canals, Weirs, and bridges
  • Anglers can self-authenticate their catch using the Official App in combination with a Fish Unique Number (FUN)

Cost of Entry

The Team Event Category

  • 2 registered and fully paid anglers can pair together to make up a Team
  • Entered Teams compete for an additional separate Team prize table

Generic Team entry – Team name not related to a brand or product – country or generic with a maximum 25 characters
€20 per angler – €40 per Team

Sponsor Team entry – One brand/product unless brand already associated with the event.
€30 per angler – €60 per Team
One brand only unless already associated with the event and in that case, only 2 brands allowed.
A- 2 brands as already associated with the event ie: Quantum & 4Street
B- 1 brand + generic: Pepsi next level fishing

Sponsor Link package

The sponsor link ensures a sponsor’s name is associated with a competitor’s name on the Official list including a link to sponsor’s website and other media as and when relevant prior, during and after the event.

A minimum of 2 self-made posts publication onto the World Street Fishing Facebook wall. Once upon registration to introduce the sponsored angler and one at the time of the event.

Sponsor link package per angler €30

Entry Cost Chart

Entry FeeTeam Entry GenericTeam Entry SponsorSponsor Link
One Angler€80€20€30€30
Two Anglers€160€40€60€60
Sponsor link package per angler€30
1 Angler + Team Generic€100
1 Angler + Team Sponsor€110
1 Angler + Team Generic + Sponsor Link€130
1 Angler + Team Sponsor + Sponsor Link€140
2 Anglers + Team Generic€200
2 Anglers + Team Sponsor€220
2 Anglers + Team Generic + Sponsor Link€260
2 Anglers + Team Sponsor + Sponsor Link€280
World Street Fishing Registration 2023