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WSF Event Questions & Answers

Bookmark this page and visit often as we will post here all question and answer so it benefits all street fishing anglers.

Answers are posted with the last answer being at the top – so make sure you read it all not to miss anything.

New 2019: Brief event and rules review will be given on-site prior to the start of the competition on Saturday 1st June in English/Polish/German & French

Until when can we practice?
You must STOP fishing the event arena from Sunday the 26th May.
Fishing will then only be allowed in a dedicated practice area.

Do I need my QR code for registration?
NO you do not need it – you simply need to know your WSF19 event registration number.
If you wish to get a copy of your registration form please access the link at the bottom of the online registration form

Do I need a fishing license for the event ?
NO your entry includes your fishing permit for the 2 days of the competition 1st and 2nd June 2019.
If you practice in the days leading to the event then yes you need to buy your own fishing permit.

What is Photo ID?
An official document which bears your picture – ie Passport/driving licence

I want to make a change to my booking?
You can add a Team or Sponsor until Wednesday the 29th May using the online booking system – afterwards, any changes/additions can be done onsite during registration.
Any outstanding monies and for any changes including name change/additional Team Entry/additional sponsor please see Desk #4 at registration

How do we get our Lowrance free drink voucher?
These will be provided at registration

Do we need an un-hooking mat?
YES – Fish to be unhooked on a unhooking mat (see section how to record a catch in the rules)

What accommodations is available ?
All levels of accommodation ranging from Campsites, Youth Hostels, B&B, and Hotel CLICK HERE